Iorgos Pavlopoulos, real name of Ioye, was born in 1974 in the West suburb of Paris, where urban art was rapidly growing and unmistakably of a high level. Straightaway the tone was set. He was initiated into graffiti at the end of the 1980's and quickly got as a leitmotiv the perpetual search for a harmonious, dynamic letter, with bright and hard-hitting sets of colors.

        Overtaken by his Greek origins, he traveled to Athens in 1998, at the end of his studies in cabinetmaking and marquetry at the infamous Parisian school ''Boulle''. He left his mark on the walls of the Greek capital. The imposing size of his paintings along with abundant works caused, indeed, an important visual impact in the urban space.
 His artistic style considerably asserted itself and would from then an influence a whole generation of graffiti artists.

        Back in Paris in 2001, he launched ''WESIDE'', a reference streetwear brand for European graffiti artists.

        Ioye's works marked a turning point in 2009, when he started to practise his creativity on canvas. He did draw his inspiration out of childhood memories, though images, music or perfumes. But also out of his cultural roots.

        His paintings, impregnated with a certain nostalgia, reveal the artist's whole emotional charge and sensitivity.

Selected Exhibitions

Group show "Street Art" Galerie Ange Basso, Paris, France

Group show ''United Colors of Henriot'' Galerie de la Manufacture, Quimper, France
Group show ''Photograff'' Galerie ligne 13'' Paris, France
Group Show ''Nocturne Miromesnil'' Galerie Artelie, Paris, France
Solo Show ''Ride The Lightning'' Galerie Ma Première Galerie, Quimper, France

Group Show ''Lettrix'' Galerie Le Paris Urbain, Paris , France
Group Show ''Nocturne Art Miromesnil'' Galerie Artelie, Paris, France Group Show ''Pajol Urban Event'' Halle Pajol, Paris, France
Group Show ''Skate me Out'' Carreau du Temple, Paris, France Group Show ''Safety Art'' Prieuré de Locmaria, Quimper, France

Group Show ''L'art de rue se rue'' Galerie Le Pari(s) Urbain, Paris, France
Group Show ''Le Qu4tre'' Argenteuil, France
Solo Show ''Néa Ionia'' Panetolion Platia Panetoliou Alsoupolis, Néa Ionia, Greece

Solo Show ''Rébétiko'' Maison de la Grèce, Paris, France Group Show ''Le Qu4tre'' Argenteuil, France

Group Show ''Léon s'explose au Palais de la Bourse'' Palais de la Bourse, Marseille, France Group Show ''Léon s'installe à Matignon'' Galerie Félix Vercel, Paris, France
Group Show ''Trains of Fame'' Galerie Oberkampf, Paris, France

Group Show ''Toys from the Underground'' Paris, France
Group Show ''Monsters of Rock'' Le K1ze, Paris, France
Group Show ''Tag the System'' Espace Beaurepaire, Paris, France